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Welcome aboard. This is the Official Website for the Dominical Lifeguards S.A. The first ever professional beach lifeguard service in Costa Rica. We attend daily to the needs of our website visitors just as the lifeguard staff attends to the needs of beachgoers each day. We are happy to answer any questions or provide any information or fulfill any requests our visitors may have with reference to the Dominical Lifeguard Program. It’s form, it’s function, it’s history, it’s needs. Now, in it’s fourteenth year of service to the community of Dominical the program is experiencing a decrease in funding along with an increase in crowds and responsibilities. This program began out of dire need. Dominical beach had an unofficial average of roughly 20 drownings per year. A group of Dominical surfers united to recruit a professional lifeguard from the U.S. and launch the pioneer program which continues to this day.

  • Over a thousand documented critical rescues
  • Countless drownings averted through preventive action and rescues
  • Providing public assistance and safety every day of the year.
  • Providing professional training and employment for the local work force
  • Providing a ‘Safe Beach’ reputation to allow local development and businesses to flourish
  • Providing a sense of satisfaction and relief and gratitude among local residents and members of the community.
  • Providing quality leadership by example through training and fitness and discipline
  • Providing a unified and universal goal for the community as a whole

Since it’s inception in 1996 the program has been privately funded by public donations only. The program has received no government assistance in any form ever. Requests for assistance have been made but no assistance has been received. Likewise requests for assistance have been made to prominent regional businesses (Imperial, Coca-Cola, Dos Pinos, etc.) also with no response. The program has always been completely dependent on local businesses and individuals for it’s funding.

Our current team of six includes Captain Andrew Webster formerly of the Encinitas, Californina Lifeguard service. With the Encinitas department Andrew was a senior lifeguard with seven years experience.

Andrew’s two full time assistants are: Ariel Gonzales and Jossue Venegas Arguello. Part-time assistants are: Oscar Gamboa Mora, Jose Moreno Lopez and Dylan Park. As of August 31, 2010 all six members of the Dominical Lifeguard Service are Nationally Certified Costa Rican Beach Lifeguards.

As always remember it’s easy to make your donations to the lifeguard program by using the paypal button found on the official lifeguard website: or dropping off a check made out to Dominical Lifeguards S.A. At Hotel Roca Verde or Jazzy’s or make a direct deposit to account #117-105-122-142823-1-5 (cedula juridica: 3-101-277993).


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